10 Famous 3D Printed House

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This project showcases the potential of 3D printing technology in construction, with a focus on sustainability and affordability.

WinSun's 3D-Printed Apartment in Jiangsu Province, China

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This building is an example of the versatility of 3D printing, as it can be used for various purposes.

Municipal Building in Dubai

This house is the first-ever 3D-printed house in Germany, featuring approximately 860 sq.

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Two-Story Detached House in Beckum

This structure demonstrates the speed and flexibility of 3D printing, with the entire house being constructed on-site within just 24 hours.

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Apis Cor's 3D-Printed House in Russia

This house is constructed using a mixture of local soil, chopped straw, and rice husks, highlighting the potential of agricultural waste as a construction resource.

The Gaia House in Italy

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This project is known for its unique design and the use of recycled materials in its construction.

The YHNOVA House in Nantes, France

This low-carbon impact housing prototype is a spatial enclosure formed by two connected domes.

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The TECLA House in Italy

The 3D-Printed House in Austin, Texas, USA

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This house showcases both affordability and sustainability, constructed using a large-scale 3D printer known as the Vulcan.

This house is an example of how 3D printing can be used to address housing challenges in underserved areas.

The 3D-Printed House in Tabasco, Mexico

This project is part of a five-home 3D-printing scheme, marking Europe's first legally habitable property.

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The 3D-Printed House in Eindhoven, Netherlands