5 Famous Restaurants that Using 3D Printers For Printing Food


Food Ink Restaurant – LONDON

This UK-based restaurant offers a complete dining experience where everything from food to utensils and furniture is 3D printed, creating a futuristic ambiance

Mélisse Restaurant

An upscale restaurant in Santa Monica, Mélisse uses 3D printing to add creative twists to classic dishes, such as crafting designs for croutons in their onion soup

La Enoteca at Hotel Arts

This fancy restaurant in Barcelona utilizes 3D printing to create intricate designs like the Sea Coral centerpiece using a seafood

La Boscana

Another Spanish restaurant that uses a Byflow Focus 3D printer to engage customers by showcasing the food printing process, enhancing the dining experience

VGN Boulevard

Discover the enticing new steak menu at VGN Boulevard—a tantalizing blend of innovation and flavor awaits. Indulge in the latest 3D-printed creation